Health promotion and prevention programs and projects are demanding. You can find quality criteria as a reference for systematic reflexion as well as practical tools and information for planning, implementation and evaluation of projects and programs here.

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Health promotion

Take the principles of health promotion into account in your planning from the outset.
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Clarify the needs and wants of the target groups and learn from other projects/programs.
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Ensure that objectives, measures and resources are well coordinated.
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Put together a well-qualified team and network with other organizations.
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Check progress regularly in order to be able to react to unplanned developments and adapt the project/program.
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Results and outcome

Plan in an outcome-oriented way and check effectiveness and objective achievement systematically.

Alternative approaches

The quality system quint-essenz, the quality criteria and the topics are each divided into six sections. Here, you will find alternative access (by theme) to the various aspects of the quality system.


The editorial in each quint-essenz newsletter addresses a particular challenge for interventions in health promotion and prevention.


Interviews with professionals give an insight of the practical handling of challenges encountered in health promotion and prevention.

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