Health Promotion Switzerland

Overview of the quality system

The quint-essenz quality system combines the three elements of health promotion, project management and quality development. It can be used in a range of ways, for example as:

  • A reference framework for quality assessments (quality criteria)
  • A reference work (topic texts, glossary, etc.)
  • A toolbox (tools)
  • An online project management tool
  • An exchange platform (community)
The quint-essenz list of quality criteria for programs and projects was developed at the end of the last century. It is based on a comprehensive search of the relevant scientific literature and was elaborated with the support of many experts in health promotion and prevention. The list has been continually updated and developed. The quality criteria are at the core of the quality system quint-essenz. The texts and tools available under the heading „Fundamentals“ are all directly or indirectly derived from these criteria.
  • Are you working with criteria, templates and tools that are tailored to the peculiarities of health promotion and prevention in your project or within your organization?
  • Which elements of quint-essenz could be used beneficially in your project or within your organization?
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