Health Promotion Switzerland



Health Promotion Switzerland has decided to discontinue the operation of the public tool and the community platform by the end of 2020. As of January 1, 2021 those parts of the quint-essenz web platform will be taken over by Günter Ackermann, Qualität & Evaluation in Berne and Hubert Studer, Büro für Qualitätsentwicklung in Zurich. Both have helped to establish quint-essenz and have been supporting it for many years, and they will establish a new sponsorship with interested organisations for its maintenance and further development. The project management tool and the community platform will be available with a new name and a new URL. The “Fundamentals” and “Project support CAP & PHP” areas will still be operated by Health Promotion Switzerland under the “quint-essenz” brand.

System requirements

Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+
Java Script must be enabled in your browser!