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Konrad Wiesendanger

Konrad Wiesendanger

Consulting of corporations, teams and employees in the field of performance and health.

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Relationship between health-relevant factors at work: Physiology, neuro-psychology, awareness Organisation, communication, social factors Technical factors, space, tools, furniture


Resource-oriented ergonomic consulting Burnout-prevention Coaching after Burnout Morphologic-systemic coaching Atmospheric coaching Mediation

Education and further education

MSc Architecture FIT MAS Coaching and Supervision in Organisations ZHAW Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner SFV Dipl. Komplementärtherapeut OdA-KT

Methodological focus

Coaching/Support, Supervision, Quality development, Participatory approaches, Health promotion, Prevention, Communication, Education/further training, Health literacy

Thematic focus

Physical activity, Relaxation, Quality of life, Physical health, Stress, Workplace health management


Educational institutions, Support and childcare facilities, residential establishments, homes for the elderly and nursing homes, prisons, Workplace/enterprise

Target groups

Educators/trainers, Managers/executives, Employees in enterprises, Professionals Public Health

Target groups: age

Middle-aged adults (30-49), Older adults (50-64), Young adults (18-29)

Target groups: gender

Both sexes

Qualification in Health promotion/Prevention

Further training courses


German, English

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