Health Promotion Switzerland

Blaise Curtenaz

Blaise Curtenaz

    • FARA
    • Direction
    • Centre Ateliers
      Routes des Bonnesfontaines 3
    • 1700 Fribourg
    • Switzerland
    • 026 460 32 00


Insertion professionnelle, approche communautaire, prévention


Management, Gestion de projet, Gestion d'équipe, Assurance qualité

Education and further education

Animateur, Éducateur, Gestion d'équipe, Praticien Formateur HES, Direction programme d'insertion professionnel, Management de la qualité

Year of birth


Spoken languages


Methodological focus

Quality development, Participatory approaches, Other core activity, Communication

Thematic focus

Other topic, Workplace health management , Quality of life, School/corporate climate, Social integration, Sustainable development


Community, leisure, associations, Workplace/enterprise, Not setting-oriented, residential establishments, homes for the elderly and nursing homes, prisons, Educational institutions, Living environment

Target groups

Parents, Unemployed, Students/trainees/apprentices, Persons with migration background, Employees in enterprises, Educators/trainers, Disabled

Target groups: age

Youths (12-17), Young adults (18-29), Middle-aged adults (30-49), Older adults (50-64)

Target groups: gender

Both sexes

Qualification in Health promotion/Prevention

Further training courses, Diploma



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