Health Promotion Switzerland


"santé&entreprise – for healthy businesses" in the Biel-Seeland-Bernese Jura region

In line with the federal and cantonal New Regional Policy (NRP) and with the support of beco, the economics division of the canton of Berne (60% of total cost), the bilingual (German and French) "santreprise" project for occupational health promotion and health management in micro, small and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) in the Biel-Seeland-Bernese Jura region was launched in October 2012 and is currently the only NRP project to target this issue. The aim is to raise awareness in MSMEs of prevention and health as an economic factor and to place the focus on the sustainable and holistic development of employees and businesses. To ensure financial support from beco, the involvement and financial participation of regional commercial partners, who should benefit directly or indirectly from the project, is indispensable. Regional businesses should make an ideological, communicative, moral, exemplary and financial contribution to the successful implementation of the project.

Duration of the project

22-10-2012 – 31-01-2015

Responsible organization



Beat Rüfli

Internet address


Supra-regional, Regional

Thematic focus

Workplace health management



Target groups

Managers/executives, Employees in enterprises, Students/trainees/apprentices, Politicians/lobbyists

Target groups: age

Youths (12-17), Young adults (18-29), Middle-aged adults (30-49), Older adults (50-64)

Target groups: gender

Both sexes


Media, campaigns, Events, talks, campaign days/-weeks, exhibitions, Courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, Qualified disseminators, Consulting, coaching, Networking, exchange, coordination, Health circles, Interest representation, Advocacy, Lobbying



Project type

Pilot project

Project status

Currently being implemented


German, French

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