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AHO: Asturias Action

Asturias Health Observatory: Asturias Action

The Asturias Health Observatory (AHO) is a project developed by the Public Health General Directorate in Asturias, Spain, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. One of the AHO projects is "Asturias Action/ Asturias Actúa" (AA) Combining experiences of the Take Action model of the american County Health Rankings and a salutogenesis approach, Asturias Action is trying to make a regional database with allocation of different community health assets. Objective of AA is the creation of a databae all around the region, with people participation in the health mappin process. Another objective of AA is linked all the community health interventions with the public health evidence. In january of 2012, database has 102 community health activities.

Duration of the project

23-05-2011 – 31-12-2022


National, Regional

Thematic focus

Alcohol, Physical activity, Drugs, Relaxation, Nutrition, Violence, Quality of life, Mental health, School/corporate climate, Physical health, Stress, Suicide, Tobacco , Accidents , Other addictions, Other topic, Workplace health management


Educational institutions, Community, leisure, associations, Internet , Living environment

Target groups

Politicians/lobbyists, General population


Media, campaigns, Networking, exchange, coordination, Health circles, Interest representation, Advocacy, Lobbying


Teaching aids

Project type

Disseminated intervention project

Project status

Currently being implemented


English, Spanish

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