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Media coaching for parents

Today's generation of children and young people are growing up with smartphones, the Internet, TV, iPads and tablets, computer games and Web 2.0. And technological progress continues unabated. In the face of this omnipresence and diversity, it is important for children, young people and their parents to be equipped with the right tools to be able to handle not only the many possibilities but also the many hazards presented by digital media. "Media coaching for parents" helps parents and all other interested parties to find their way around the world of the new media and helps them to educate their children about media. In a number of different, standalone information events, participants acquire the necessary basic skills that they need for the media socialization and education of children, enabling them to use digital media safely, sensibly and positively.

Duration of the project

01-07-2011 – 31-12-2013

Responsible organization




Nadia Garcia
Nadia Garcia

Internet address



Thematic focus

Quality of life, Mental health, Stress, Other addictions, Other topic, Sustainable development


Educational institutions, Internet , Other setting

Target groups


Target groups: age

Young adults (18-29), Middle-aged adults (30-49), Older adults (50-64)

Target groups: gender

Both sexes


Media, campaigns, Events, talks, campaign days/-weeks, exhibitions, Courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, Qualified disseminators, Consulting, coaching, Information material, textbooks, brochures, Networking, exchange, coordination



Project type

Disseminated intervention project

Project status

Currently being implemented



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