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Newsletter quint-essenz | October 2014
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Multi-project management – a challenge
In recent years, the landscape of health promotion and prevention has changed dramatically. In the past, the field was dominated by a large number of mostly isolated projects where innovative approaches have been developed and tested. Today, health promotion and prevention is increasingly planned and managed on a national or regional level. quint-essenz is addressing this issue by providing practical assistance for multi-project management. This newsletter gives an insight of what we offer and we hope that you will find it stimulating and encouraging.

Multi-project management – what’s that?
Compared to the past, demands placed on project managers have increased. Today, there are requirements for target agreements, effectiveness, sustainability, efficiency and synergies between programs and projects. Greater added value is produced when several health promotion projects are planned and managed simultaneously instead of implementing them as single isolated undertakings, and this approach has now become commonplace.

Guidelines and templates for the most important project descriptions (draft, design, final report) have been reworked and updated. 
On the overview page “Fundamentals” there are some new direct links to quint-essenz content:
  • quint-essenz for small projects
  • Introducing and establishing quint-essenz in an organization 
  • Systematic reflection and assessment of projects 
  • Overview of the quality system 
New topic on multi-project management.
Project management tool
“My tasks”: Registered users can administer a chronological list of their own tasks assigned to them.
Publication of profiles has been centralized and simplified. The requirements for publication are clearly signaled by a ‘traffic light’ system.
Interactive schedules have three new functionalities:
  • Set a 5-level zoom factor 
  • Show and hide tasks and dates
  • Set a time limit, also spanning over several projects (soon available)
In addition to the existing categories professionals, organizations, projects, specialist groups, there is now a new category “programs” for multi-project undertakings.
The list of products/services has a new look: instead of a listing, the products are now presented in a tile format that will show up in a new random order at each visit. 

New profiles on quint-essenz
Procap Switzerland (organization)
Procap is the largest member association of and for people with disabilities in Switzerland. With the project „Procap bewegt“ ("Procap Moves") Procap is for the first time active in the field of health promotion.
Tobacco prevention program of the Canton of St.Gall 2012 – 2016 (program)
The tobacco prevention program provides for various measures to prevent taking up smoking and to promote quitting. In addition, it seeks to enforce tobacco legislation regarding the protection of minors and passive smoking.
Swiss Model of Outcome Classification (SMOC) (specialist group)
This group has been created to promote international exchange of experiences of experts applying the Swiss Model of Oucome classification (SMOC).

QuaTheDA and quint-essenz
Information on training opportunities QuaTheDA and quint-essenz and QuaTheDA certification
The briefing is aimed at employees, managers and quality managers of institutions of prevention and health promotion, interested in the possibilities of quality development, or planning to launch the module X of the QuaTheDA reference system. 
The course in Lucerne is conducted in German, the one in Lausanne in French.

Quality criteria for programs
Requirements for quality in health promotion and prevention programs are similar to those for projects. The same requirements apply, for example, for the description of objective and felt needs, for verifiable objectives stating the desired effects, for an adequate structure, for evaluation planning, etc. As a first step, the existing list of quality criteria for projects has been adapted for programs. Next year, some criteria will be expanded to include aspects which are specific for programs.    
Tools for Project Management
Andler, Nicolai (2011). Tools for Project Management, Workshops and Consulting: A Must-Have Compendium of Essential Tools and Techniques, 2nd Edition. Erlangen: Publicis.
Typically today's tasks in management and consulting include project management, running workshops and strategic work - all complex activities, which require a multitude of skills and competencies. This standard work, which is also well accepted amongst consultants, gives you a reference or cookbook-style access to the most important tools, including a rating of each tool in terms of applicability, ease of use and effectiveness.
Video tutorials
Did you know that quint-essenz has developed a series of videos tutorials? Watch them now on the website and see for yourself how to use the project management tool and the community platform. The following videos are currently available: 
  • Overview of the project management tool 
  • Create and manage projects
  • Interactive schedule
  • Printing reports
  • My profile
  • Publishing a project online
  • Publishing an organization or a program 
  • Sharing experiences in specialist groups
Do have a look!

Usage statistics
Organizational profiles
The quint-essenz community platform has been launched in Mai 2010. Since then, 75 organizations covering a wide range of topics have used the platform to showcase their work. Some of the most frequent topics are: 
  • Mental health (36)
  • Nutrition (34)
  • Physical activity (33)
  • Quality of life (32)
  • Alcohol (26)
  • Stress (25)
  • Tobacco (23) 
  • Workplace health promotion (23)
The organizational profiles are easily linked with personal profiles, programs and projects, making the breadth of the community network visible.

„Inter-cantonal cooperation at project level leads to more effective and efficient projects”
Lynne Thadikkaran-Salomon holds a PhD in Biology and after a post-doctorate in nutrition, she has specialized in project management. She holds a CAS in community health. She currently works as a scientific advisor for the Directorate General of Health of the Canton of Geneva. She is chiefly responsible for a program promoting healthy eating and regular physical activity „Marchez et mangez malin!“ ("Walk and eat smart!") which is part of the general cantonal plan for health promotion and prevention in Geneva.