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Newsletter quint-essenz | December 2015
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Spotlight on Settings
Health is created in the places where people live, work, play, and learn, etc.  Active, effective and sustainable health promotion takes place in these environments. Health promotion, together with local people, is shaping living conditions in a way that strengthens health-promoting factors   and reduces health risks. Infiltrating these habitats is demanding and sometimes difficult, but usually can be rewarding and pleasurable. It is in these places where health promotion is actually occurring and conceptual catchphrases, such as equal opportunities, participation or empowerment, assume real meaning.

Settings Approach in Health Promotion – Austrian experiences
With the release of the Ottawa Charter in 1986, the setting approach has been defined as a core strategy of health promotion. During a period of almost thirty years, Austria has gained a substantial record of working with this approach. At first, it was quite difficult to go beyond previously known approaches that only target individual behavior. In the 80s, the WHO initiated health promotion in traditional settings, such as schools and workplaces. However, other environments for health promotion have emerged since then and continue to arise.

  • Topic Milestones: The revised text incorporates the content of two other texts, which it replaces.  More >
  • Topic Media work: The existing text has been updated and expanded.  More >
  • Tool Setting analysis: The new tool setting-analysis (see below) comes with instructions and a template to download.  More >
Project management tool
  • Pinboard: Vision, categories of objectives and measures can now be developed and reviewed in a separate graphical display that was inspired by a pinboard with color cards. Assignments can be allocated intuitively by dragging and dropping the cards. 
  • Call for profile updates:All persons who are responsible for public profiles on the community platform will receive an e-mail soon to invite them to review and to confirm, delete or update their profiles. Profiles that become outdated will be deleted after an appropriate period.  

New profiles on quint-essenz
Network Health Promoting Universities Switzerland
The Network Health Promoting Universities Switzerland is committed to raising awareness for workplace health promotion and prevention in the university context and supporting interested institutions in implementation. 
Christine Vögele
Good health is the basis of the welfare of people of all ages, and provides an opportunity for their personal growth. That is why I am committed to the pursuit of healthy living conditions.
User group
Revision of quint-essenz quality criteria
The quality criteria of quint-essenz are currently being revised. The process will be completed in mid-2016. The professional group is discussing issues related to the revision of these quality criteria.

Evaluation of quint-essenz
An overview of the most important results
The quint-essenz quality system was thoroughly evaluated this year by the Socialdesign company. The results indicate that quint-essenz is now well established as a reference for high quality work. Quint-essenz is well known by the surveyed professionals. Its effect on health promotion projects is deemed to be positive.  The usage of the various elements of the website varies considerably. According to user statistics, the texts in the section‚ ‘fundamentals’ are used most frequently. Although half of the respondents in the online survey use the project as a management tool, many use it only occasionally or rarely. The community platform is used rarely because users exchange professional experiences in other ways. Satisfaction with the training and consulting services is high.  The management of Health Promotion Switzerland regards the evaluation as an opportunity to review the orientation that the quality system has taken. For example, a closer link of quint-essenz to the cantonal action programs will be investigated. It is in this context that the results of the evaluation will contribute to the reflections concerning the reorientation of quint-essenz.

Termination of subsidized consulting service
In recent years, Health Promotion Switzerland, in collaboration with RADIX, has offered subsidized training sessions for the quint-essenz quality system. The management of Health Promotion Switzerland has decided to discontinue these subsidized consulting services in 2016. The decision is due to the development of new cantonal action programs that are drawing on its internal resources.

Consultations for quint-essenz are offered at market prices by the following organizations:

Quality criteria
Revision of the quint-essenz quality criteria for programs and project
The quality criteria are currently being updated. If you would like to participate in this process, please send an email before year-end to Günter Ackermann, who has responsibility for quint-essenz at Health Promotion Switzerland: e-mail

Setting analysis
The setting analysis is a guide for practitioners in their efforts to clarify the initial situation in a setting, to reflect on the possibilities and limits of an intervention in particular settings, to discover opportunities and risks and to describe possible consequences for a planned program or project. On the basis of this analysis, an intervention will go ahead as planned, be adapted or be abandoned. 
Settings for Health Promotion
Poland BD, Green LW, Rootman I (Eds.) (2000) Settings for Health Promotion: Linking Theory and Practice. Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications.

This book is the first full-length in-depth treatment of settings as a focal point for planning, organizing and implementing health promotion. Internationally renowned contributing authors from the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand describe the state of the art in the theory and practice of health promotion in settings such as the home, school, workplace, community, and the (local and nation) state; and offer insightful commentaries on each other's work.
Checklists Migration and Gender
In neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, etc., people with different backgrounds, experiences and needs come together. We recommend that you use the migration and gender checklists and consider how your project meets cultural or gender-specific needs in the selected settings. 

Usage statistics
Project profiles
Currently, there are 175 project profiles in the Community section. They occur in the following settings (multiple answers are possible):