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Newsletter quint-essenz | May 2014
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Opportunities and risks in projects and programs

Interventions in health promotion and prevention are challenging projects that go beyond the routine activities of organizations and often develop differently than originally planned. But seeing uncertainties and risks only as a danger to a project is too narrow a point of view. Opportunities and risks are closely related.


Dealing with uncertainty – Comments on the methodological analysis of opportunities and risks in health promotion
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Göpel, Hochschulen für Gesundheit e.V., Berlin

With health promotion being established in society as a systemic practice of encouraging health development, in addition to the growing professionalization of the stakeholders, the temptation increases to trim the systemic change processes, as outlined in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, to a social technology with linear effects and to market it as a suitably packaged range of services for standardized social change processes.    

  • A new topic about opportunities and risks in programs and projects More >
  • A new tool for risk analysis   More >
  • Future plans: After about 10 years without major changes, the quality criteria for projects and programs will be revised in the second half of 2015. The criteria will reflect new developments in health promotion and disease prevention. They will be revised in collaboration with experts in theory and practice. Users will have the opportunity in a broad feedback session to comment on the proposed revisions. We will inform you of this process in due course.
Project management tool
  • Uploading documents: It is now possible to upload several documents in one single step in the sections ‘projects,’ ‘programs,’ ‘organizations’ and ‘specialist groups,’ File names and contracted short versions are assigned automatically during the upload, but can be altered if necessary. 
  • Multiple schedules:In the sections‚ organizations and programs, it is now possible to see in one single view the schedules/timetables of all affiliated sub-programs or sub-projects for any chosen timeframe and to export them.  
  • Project management chart: The content and layout have been improved. Only the measures that are relevant to the current milestone are shown now.
  • Export of appointments/events: Appointments and events can be exported now to any calendar management program (e.g., Outlook, iCal, Kalender) (cf. tip)
  • Filtering offers: Offers and proposals from organizations can be filtered now by topical key words. Offers >

New profiles on quint-essenz
Hopp-la Foundation (organization)
The Hopp-la Foundation advocates for public spaces that are dedicated to physical activity and places to meet. It also promotes intergenerational activities. Playful physical activity promotes the health and well-being of those of all ages and thus enhances quality of life. 
The «freelance» prevention program for secondary schools (program)
«freelance» is a drug prevention program that offers flexible teaching units. The teaching staff can adapt the program to its own needs regarding issues to address and available time.
Le Port de Fribourg (project)
The Port is on the banks of the Sarine in the heart of the city of Fribourg, but has the feel of the countryside. The Port, with its restaurant, open-air cultural space and mobile, elevated gardens provides a relaxed atmosphere where innovative ideas are born and different generations get together.

Evaluation of quint-essenz
Health Promotion Switzerland has commissioned a comprehensive evaluation of the quint-essenz quality system. The evaluation will focus on the degree of awareness of the system, the use of various quint-essenz elements and satisfaction with the platform and its associated products and services (training, coaching and newsletter).  »Socialdesign» is the institution that has been mandated to conduct the evaluation. It has recently sent a link to an online survey. If you have not yet participated, please do so now. Your answers are important for us. Many thanks.   

QuaTheDA and quint-essenz
Have you ever thought of an accreditation?
The one- day training in «quality development in health promotion and prevention» is run by Infodrog und RADIX. It provides practical support for the introduction of QuaTheDA quality standards QuaTheDA and explains the quint-essenz quality system and the scope of quality development. The training is aimed at quality managers and executives of institutions that deal with health promotion and prevention.

Risk analysis
Risk analysis
A risk analysis helps to actively manage risks and threats in projects and programs. Risk analysis helps to identify risks early and to avoid them, if possible, or to take preventive measures. If they are unavoidable, it is helpful to have an emergency plan ready.
Wanner 2013
Project Risk Management
Wanner, Roland (2013) Project Risk Management - The Most Important Methods and Tools for Successful Projects. Compact Knowledge. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.


Projects fail because of risks that are discovered too late, are ignored or simply are not sought. This book describes the most important methods and tools how to successfully apply risk management in projects in a practical and easy-to-use way. You will receive hands-on instructions and tips that you can immediately implement in your project. .
Ackermann et al. 2015
Measuring Success in Obesity Prevention
Ackermann, Günter; Kirschner, Michael; Guggenbühl, Lisa; Abel, Bettina, Klohn, Axel; Mattig, Thomas (2015) Measuring Success in Obesity Prevention: A Synthesis of Health Promotion Switzerland's Long-Term Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy. Obes Facts 2015; 8:17–29. 


The evaluation of Health Promotion Switzerland’s national priority program for a healthy body weight was conducted according to the Swiss Model for Outcome Classification (SMOC), a quint-essenz tool. An article in the journal entitled Obesity Facts discusses the methodological challenges of evaluating complex intervention programs. The article also provides insights into the use of the outcome model. 
Are you using the project management tool on the quint-essenz platform?
A specialist group Project Management Tool

On our interactive community platform, we are launching a new specialist group for users of the project management tool. This is the place to ask questions about the handling of the tool, to exchange helpful tips and to request additional features. The quint-essenz team will use this group as a source of feedback from users and to announce any news regarding the tool. The group will be multi-lingual.
⇒ Please subscribe to this group if you are a regular user of the project management tool! 
Transferring data in Outlook/Calendar/iCal
For some time now, the project management tool has contained a feature for recording appointments and events, with their associated measures. A new feature enables the user to export to any calendar management program (e.g., Outlook for Windows, iCal for Mac) in the standardized ICS-Format all, some selected entries  or just a single date/s in one click. These dates no longer need to be entered twice. 

Usage statistics
Number of Logins
In the first quarter of 2015, a total of 529 different users logged onto quint-essenz.ch to use the project management tool 3029 times. Stats If a user does not actively log out, he/she will be logged out automatically after four hours. 

«Risk management is a top management task.»


Christian Jordi is the head of Health Promotion Switzerland’s management services division, which includes finance and control, human resources, IT, processes and corporate development. He studied business administration and obtained further certificates and federal diplomas in control, organizational development and pension fund administration. Before joining Health Promotion Switzerland, Christian served as administrative director of a Peugeot subsidiary in Switzerland for 10 years. He subsequently held various senior positions in finance and control for large pension funds for a further eight years.

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