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Consultation Support

In collaboration with RADIX, quint-essenz offers consultations on quint-essenz for institutions and projects. Please contact the consultants in your region.

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Welcome to our website Miscellaneous

quint-essence is a quality system for health promotion and prevention interventions

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Updates Miscellaneous

The content and technology of quint-essenz are updated on an ongoing basis. You can find a summary of the most important changes to quint-essenz in our newsletters.

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Training courses Support

Would you like to learn about quint-essenz or refresh your knowledge? The training (in german or french) at Olten/Switzerland is free of charge.

Training dates 2016 will be published in January 2016.

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Health Promotion Switzerland has decided that, in future, quint-essenz introductory courses should also be refocused on the Cantonal Action Programmes

The frequency and timing of the training courses will be determined based on demand. The courses are open to other professionals, if places are available.

From next year, partner organizations will be offering courses to interested professionals outside the Cantonal Action Programmes in return for a fee. Training and consultations about the basic principles, the project management tool or how to use the community platform may also be purchased from external quint-essenz consultants authorized by Health Promotion Switzerland.

Open groups of professionals Community

As very few users have taken the opportunity to exchange information about quint-essenz in an open group of professionals over recent years, Health Promotion Switzerland has decided to discontinue these public groups. The opportunities for exchanging information within the project management tool will remain, however.

Excel versions with diagrams Fundamentals

The lists of criteria are available in both PDF and Excel format. In the latter, the assessments are graphically represented in a radar chart (comparing up to three assessments) – only in german, french, italian.

Revised templates Fundamentals

The standard templates for project drafts, project plans and final reports have been adapted to take account of the revised quality criteria. Now there are also corresponding templates for programs – only in german, french, italian. Older templates are still available.

Tools A-Z
Customized templates Project management tool

The revised standard templates for project drafts, project plans and final reports will continue to serve as the basis for customized templates. Now, however, the elements of a template may be grouped as desired.

Adaptations to take account of new quality criteria Project management tool

In the project management tool, the templates for project drafts, project plans, final reports and quality assessments have been adapted to take account of the revised quality criteria. The results of project and program assessments are displayed in interactive radar charts.

English version to be discontinued Fundamentals

Health Promotion Switzerland has made the decision to cease the development of the English version of quint-essenz, only offering future updates in the Swiss national languages of German, French and Italian.

All existing English pages will continue to be accessible.

News page Miscellaneous

News items will also be published on the quint-essenz homepage and documented chronologically on a News page, so you will never miss out on important developments.

Newsletter quint-essenz Miscellaneous

Instead of publishing news about quint-essenz separately, in future Health Promotion Switzerland will integrate this into the existing newsletters «Nutrition and physical activity» and «Health in Older People».

The aim of this integration is to create greater cohesion between the different services provided by Health Promotion Switzerland. The quint-essenz quality system will be realigned to take greater account of the conditions and requirements of the programmes of Health Promotion Switzerland and its partners. This applies in particular to the project management tool. Other parties that are not associated with Health Promotion Switzerland can continue to access the online service at no additional charge.

Newsletter Health Promotion Switzerland
Revised quality criteria Miscellaneous

Over the course of 2015, the quint-essenz quality criteria have been extensively reworked to accommodate important new aspects and to refine the existing criteria to take account of experience gained.

In addition to the list of criteria for projects, there is now a comprehensive list of criteria for the assessment and development of programmes. An introductory guide to working with the quality criteria has been issued (only available in german, french and italian).

Health Promotion Switzerland uses an excerpt from the new list of criteria as a reference when assessing project plans for the Cantonal Action Programmes, which are submitted by the cantons in the form of an application for assistance. A separate list of these eight criteria is also available.

New instructions and criteria lists are only available in german, french and italian.

Instructions and criteria lists

Health Promotion Switzerland has decided to discontinue the operation of the public tool and the community platform by the end of 2020. As of January 1, 2021 those parts will be taken over by Günter Ackermann, Qualität & Evaluation in Berne and Hubert Studer, Büro für Qualitätsentwicklung in Zurich.

Both have helped to establish quint-essenz and have been supporting it for many years, and they will establish a new sponsorship with interested organisations for its maintenance and further development.

The project management tool and the community platform will be available with a new name and a new URL.

The “Fundamentals” and “Project support CAP & PHP” areas will still be operated by Health Promotion Switzerland under the “quint-essenz” brand.

Your personal data and any other data you have entered in the project management tool or the community platform will – with the exception of data relating to support applications to Health Promotion Switzerland – be transferred provisionally to the new platform. On the new platform you can then decide whether to keep or delete your personal data.

Data privacy will be ensured at all times. The terms of use for the new platform will be the same with regard to content as those for the quint-essenz platform.